The Free & Unlimited Alternative to

Jun 16, 2020 is THE ONLY free and unlimited alternative to email finder services such as, Voila Norbert, or Snovio.

Moonkit uses the power of your browser to extract emails or perform SEO analysis. It can open a new tab, crawl the website you want to analyze, and extract information locally in the background. The browser doesn’t have extraction algorithms and can’t auto-browse websites, so that’s how our extension comes in handy. The extension enables your browser to run the analysis without a need for a remote server. Without an expensive remote infrastructure, you can enjoy it free & unlimited.

Experts from MOZ prefer the Moonkit approach

David Farkas from the infamous MOZ writes in his article The Practical Guide to Finding Anyone’s Email Address:

Based on my experience, tools and automation are a last resort. If you rely solely upon tools and automated solutions, you’ll end up with many more misfired emails than if you were to go the manual route. There’s a simple reason for this: the email address listed on your target website may, surprisingly, belong to the right person you should contact!

Moonkit is as precise as manual prospecting, only it’s super fast. It’s automation done right.

Our email finder supercharges your browser with the power to act as a human, only it does it 100x faster and more efficiently.

Extract people and emails from any business website

Moonkit can extract people, emails, job positions and social profiles which are publicly available.

Auto-guessing email addresses

Moonkit also allows you to quickly uncover email addresses which are not directly available on a particular website, but which can be found somewhere around the Internet.

The extension is safe

The extension is completely safe. It is a single-purpose extension which (1) browses a website in a tab, (2) locally runs information extractors on the specified website, and (3) collects extracted information. No other information is being collected or tracked. Your regular browsing is not altered in any way.