Moonkit.io is an experimental service for website analysis which runs in your browser.

It uses a browser extension to rapidly speedup the analysis and extract valuable information.

Powered by your browser and our algorithms

Moonkit uses the power of your browser to run the analysis. It opens a new tab, crawls the website you want to analyze, and extracts information locally on the background. You need the Moonkit Analyzer extension to run the analysis (currently Chrome only). The extension enables your browser to run the analysis without a need for a remote server. 

We don't collect any information about you

The browser extension is a single-purpose extension which (1) browses a website in a tab, (2) locally runs information extractors on the specified website, and (3) collects extracted information. No other information is being collected or tracked.


Moonkit.io is an experimental service. We provide no warranty of suitability for a particular purpose or satisfactory quality. This service is provided “as is”.

We don’t collect any personally identifiable information on the website or through the browser extension. We only collect results of performed analyses.

You can reach us at moonkitbeta (at) gmail (dot) com.